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Description of Neilos Technologies

Neilos Technologies Inc. is a company aimed to develop technologies that address civic and social issues. We combine cutting-edge technologies with pressing issues to create amazing solutions.

Our Projects

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Text For Relief

Text For Relief is a shelter management system built during and after Hurricane Harvey to address the issue of maintaining and disseminating real-time information about hurricane shelter availability. This shelter management system allows organizations to create a database of hurricane shelters and connect this data to a variety of messaging platforms including: Twilio Programmable SMS, FaceBook Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, etc.

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Shelter Chain

Shelter Chain is a blockchain solution for updating and disseminating hurricane shelter information. This web application allows for organizations to create more collaborative network for shelter providers to


Public Transportation Projects

We are working on a variety of projects related to understanding Houston public transit including a research report on the existence of public transit deserts, the development of an app that helps one compare personal car usage versus public transportation usage, and other projects. Follow our progress on our blog.

Houston Homebuyer Assistance

Houston Homebuyer Assistance is a project that we are working on to aggregate a list of homebuyer education resources for first-time homebuyers to learn the ins and outs of purchasing a home.

Our Team

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Nile Dixon, Founder and CEO

Nile Dixon is a college student from Houston, TX studying Sociology and Computer Science. Nile has been involved in civic-technology projects ever since high school including a web application to help people find homebuyer education classes, technology to help address homelessness, etc. By the age of 20, he has worked on million dollar projects and has helped develop technology for many large organizations. On his spare time, he enjoys playing board games.